Dining Options

Cashless Lunch System


Our cashless lunch system is maintained through RenWeb/ParentWeb. Parents are able to deposit money into their student’s account for him or her to purchase lunch by a “swipe” of the ID card. Don’t worry…if they forget their ID card, we can access their account by name and they will still be able to purchase food. The best thing for you as a parent is that you will know that the money you want your student to use for lunch will be used for that purpose. You will also be able to see what your student is purchasing. (Cash will still be accepted on a daily basis.) To find out more, call the Business Office at 483-1102, ext. 224. 




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All dining options are prepared by Creative Dining, an outsourced company that oversees Concordia's food services program.



Today's Healthy Tip


Start with a Better Breakfast


Studies show that you need to start your day with a healthy breakfast. The benefits include: a) Improved mood. Eating breakfast can lift your mood. Those who do not eat breakfast are more tired and irritable. b) More energy to face the day. Get energy with high-quality protein and carbohydrates. c) Better concentration. Eating breakfast improves your ability to problem solve. It gets your brain working to better handle tasks. d) Weight management. If you eat breakfast, you are more likely to be at a healthier weight than those who don't.